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Bachmann 32-231 Class 3F Jinty 47394 BR Black Early Emblem

Bachmann 32-231 Class 3F Jinty 47394 BR Black Early Emblem

Bachmann 32-231 Class 3F Jinty 47394 BR Black Early Emblem Bachmann 32-231 Class 3F Jinty 47394 BR Black Early Emblem
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Bachmann Branchline 32-231 CLASS 3F Fowler Jinty 47394 BR Black Early Emblem.

This newly released Bachmann Branchline, Class 3F Fowler Jinty  locomotive in Br Black Early Emblem, Pristine finnish , with ,  running number 37409 is a welcome addition to the BR Black livery Era 4. Jinty

Bachmann Branchline 32-231 Class 3F Fowler Jinty 47394 Br Black Early Emblem - Model features

This Bachmann Branchline  locomotive comes in DCC Ready format with an 8 Pin blanking Plate inserted. It can be upgraded to DCC Fitted by inserting a Bachmann Branchline 8 Pin  Decoder, This superb Bachmann Branchline Digital Command Control Ready  ( DCC ) f itted motor which runs superbly at slow and fast speed settings.This powerful Bachmann Branchline Class 3F Fowler Jinty locomotive comes with spring loaded buffers at both ends and hosepipes which have been factory fitted. This stunning loocomotive can also be upgraded  to DCC Sound with the addittion of a Bachmann Branchline DCC Sound decoder with the realistic Class 3F Fowler Jinty Sound  You will be suitably impressed as you thrash your Jinty  under load and listen to the sound that it emits as it works hard under a load of coaches or wagons. 

Bachmann Branchline 32-231 DCC Sound version

Trains 'N' Railways also provide this Bachmann Branchline 32-231  Class 3F Fowler Jinty steam  locomotive as DCC Sound version for those that do require DCC Sound. Please feel free to contact us on 01555 728086 to advise whether you require it as DCC Sound  or DCC fitted..

Weathering Service

Please feel free to ask about the  weathering service provided by Railways 'N' Trains. If you would like this locomotive weathered to your specific requirements.

History Of the Class 3F Fowler Jinty

The origins of this Fowler Jinty design can be traced back to the Midland Railway engineer S.W. Johnston. After the formation of the London Midland Scottish Railway ( LMS), their own engineer Sir Henry Fowler developed this successful design and provided company with an improved locomotive. A total of 422 Jinty's were built from 1924 until 1931. So many were required that the LMS employed sub contarctors, such as Vulcan, Bagnall and Hunslet to help with the production orders. Th elocomotives were versatile, at home shunting in stations,yards, and exchange sidings as well as on trip. They could also be found on passenger services and seven saw service on the Somerset & Dorset railway until 1930 when they were absorbed back into the LMS stock. The design was very successful and the locomotives remained in service until the latre 1950's when new diesel shunters, were introfduced. The numbers of locomotives declined with the last of the class withdrawn in 1967. Only 10 Jinty locomotives  have been preserved.

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